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ARTIST: Marcin Wasilewski Trio
ALBUM: January
TRACK: Diamonds And Pearls
PLAYS: 318


4.Diamonds And Pearls

Marcin Wasilewski Trio -January

ARTIST: Ketil Bjornstad
ALBUM: Sunrise
TRACK: Jorden elskede luften (The Earth loved the air)
PLAYS: 195


Jorden elskede luften (The Earth loved the air) - Ketil Bjornstad from Sunrise (2014).

I think I love this because it sounds both like nothing I’ve heard before and everything I’ve heard before all together at the same time.


When you surrender, the problem ceases to exist. Try to solve it,or conquer it, and you only set up more resistance. I am very certain now that, as I said therein, if I truly become what I wish to be, the burden will fall away. The most difficult thing to admit, and to realize with one’s whole being, is that you alone control nothing.

—Henry Miller, A Literate Passion: Letters of Anais Nin & Henry Miller, 1932-1953. Mariner Books,1989

(Source: fables-of-the-reconstruction)

ARTIST: Ramin Djawadi & Priscilla Ahn
ALBUM: Pacific Rim Soundtrack from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures
TRACK: Mako (feat. Priscilla Ahn)
PLAYS: 499


Allow me, for just a moment, to indulge my Pacific Rim obsession.

The wonderful thing about this song is the mood it evokes. It borders on hopeful, with the crisp, clear vocals courtesy of Priscilla Ahn striking a tone of wistfulness. The underlying strings section never quite hits the major chord your ear is yearning for, though, retaining a subtle line of foreboding throughout. It’s a song that bears repeated listening, because you’ll discover a different nuance to it each time.

You can buy it on iTunes here.

TRACK: All Things Shining
PLAYS: 526



Alessandra Celletti - All Things Shining


ARTIST: Helge Lien Trio
ALBUM: Natsukashii
TRACK: Natsukashii
PLAYS: 223


The Japanese term Natsukashii describes how intense memories can suddenly be triggered by something as trivial as an old shoe.

Helge Lien -piano
Frode Berg - bass
Knut Aaleflæt-drums

ARTIST: Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny
ALBUM: Beyond the Missouri Sky
TRACK: He's Gone Away
PLAYS: 3,857



Sad day - Charlie Haden gone at 76. - R.I.P. to a true master.

Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny: He’s Gone Away - from Beyond the Missouri Sky, 1997

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