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ARTIST: The Seatbelts
ALBUM: Cowboy Bebop
TRACK: Bad Dog No Biscuits
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Bad Dog No Biscuits - The Seatbelts

In the history of television series, Cowboy Bebop reigns supreme for having the best soundtrack ever made. This is the most stylish, debonair, and exhilarating collection of jazzy tunes I ever heard in my life. You don’t even have to be a fan of the show to enjoy the sheer brilliance of this soundtrack, because Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts crafted music that is timeless and perfectly evokes the western sci-fi noir flavor of the anime. This is what all soundtracks should aspire to be like.

"Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory." -Oscar Wilde

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Escape (The Pina Colada song) - Jack Johnson

ARTIST: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
ALBUM: Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty & The Children‘s Album & The Nutcracker
TRACK: Tchaikovsky: The Children‘s Album Op. 39 No. 19: Waltz


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Children‘s Album Op. 39 No. 19: Waltz

ARTIST: The Antlers
ALBUM: Playlist JDK#45 (May 2014)
TRACK: Palace
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The Antlers - Palace

  • Playlist JDK#45 (May 2014) / Spotify
  • Album : Familiars / Out 06.16.14
  • Origin : Brooklyn (NYC)

ARTIST: Daughter
ALBUM: The Wild Youth EP
TRACK: Medicine
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Daughter | Medicine

TRACK: Concerto No.6 in B-Flat Major, BWV 1051: I. Allegro
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Bach, Concerto No.6 in B-Flat Major, BWV 1051: I. Allegro

The Academy of Ancient Music, Richard Egarr

" In order to reach perfection one must begin by being ignorant of a great deal. When we understand things too quickly, it may be that we do not understand them thoroughly. "
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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